Training: Intel Array Building Blocks (ArBB)

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Dear Users,
 LRZ offers a training on Array Building Blocks (ArBB), Intel's latest
 solution for high-level parallel programming. The training takes place
 at the LRZ building on May 11/12, 2011 and is free of charge. ArBB
 allows application developers to concentrate on the implementation of
 their scientific code instead of dealing with low-level issues like
 extracting parallelisms or optimizing performance for a certain
 hardware architecture. It allows to produce scalable and portable
 parallel implementations from a single high-level, maintainable, and
 application-oriented implementation.
 LRZ has evaluated ArBB (as successor of RapidMind) for more than 6
 months. Since evaluation results are convincing, we would like to
 welcome you to learn more about this new programming language based on
 C++. Hans Pabst, Software Engineer and Technical Consultant at Intel,
 will explain the philosophy of ArBB, introduce the syntax and key
 features like ArBB data collections or its operators for data
 The lectures are complemented by hands-on parts which will allow people
 to gain practical experience with the programming model and performance
 analysis of ArBB code with VTune. Participants are invited to continue
 the practical parts with own pieces of code. The tutorial will also
 give an overview of the different technologies and parallel programming
 models supported by Intel products, and how to mix and match these
 More information on the course can be found at
 services/compute/courses/#TOC1.19 . Please register via the LRZ
 registration form (select course HIAB1S11).

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