Upd:HLRB-II: CXFS online again

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Do Aug 18 10:19:14 CEST 2011

 Changes to this message: intermittent I/O problems
On August 9 there was a system crash which also causes the CXFS file
 systems to fail. Unfortunately the machine has not run stably since
 Update Aug 11, 16:15: The CXFS file spaces /ptmp1 and /ptmp2 have gone
 offline again; therefore further batch processing has been stopped.
 Update Aug 11, 17:05: The CXFS file spaces are online again.
 Update Aug 18: We have reports on intermittent failures of I/O in some
 jobs. The cause of this is being investigated; it may be related to the
 very high I/O load presently observed on the system.

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 Reinhold Bader

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