Gauss Call for Large Scale Projects No. 5

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Mi Feb 2 11:12:55 CET 2011

Large-scale projects and highly scalable parallel applications are
 characterised by large computing time requirements, not only for short
 time frames, but often for longer time periods. The GCS member sites
 will guarantee that large-scale projects can fully utilise the assigned
 resources, if necessary at the expense of normal or smaller projects.
 Projects are classified as  Large-Scale , if they require more than 5%
 of the potentially available CPU cycles on a member centre s high-end
 system, i.e.
     more than 70 Mill. CPU-hours at JSC (corresponding to 24 rack
     months IBM BG/P)
     more than 4 Mill. CPU-hours at LRZ (SGI Altix 4700)
 For these large-scale projects a competitive review and resource
 allocation process is established by the GCS. Requests for resources
 below these limits will be accepted by the individual member centres.
 Requests above these limits will be handed over to GCS, handled
 according to the joint procedures, and will be reviewed in the national
 context. Projects of smaller scale will be still handled by the local
 GCS member site.
 A "Call for Large-Scale Projects" is published by the Gauss Centre
 twice a year. Dates for closure of calls are usually at the end of
 February and at the end of August of each year. The deadline for this
 particular call is
     February 28th 2011.
 Eligible are applications from publicly funded academic and research
 institutions, e.g., universities, Max-Planck Society, and Helmholtz
     For Details see:
     For other HPC calls see:

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