Supercomputer users: Moving from HLRB-II to the SuperMUC migration system

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Mo Sep 5 20:55:04 CEST 2011

Dear users of the HLRB-II at LRZ,
 The initial installation of the next-generation system, SuperMUC, is
 nearing regular user operation. As described in ALI 4069, the system
 has a computational power which is roughly equivalent to that of
 HLRB-II. LRZ has fixed the following time schedule for migration of all
 users from HLRB-II to the new system:
  1. On the afternoon of September 13, all HLRB-II users gain access to
     the new machine
  2. Between Sept. 13 and end of October, both HLRB-II and the new
     system will be online and available for batch processing
  3. At the end of October, HLRB-II will be retired from user operation.
     Please note that at this time there will be an interruption of
     operation for all HPC systems for a few days because the data on
     the HOME file systems need to be migrated to a new and much more
     powerful file server; precise dates will be announced separately.
 Please note that beginning on September 10, LRZ will only receive
 limited maintenance for the HLRB-II. In particular, it may happen that
 the system loses partitions, or that the $OPT_TMP or $PROJECT file
 system is completely removed in case a critical part fails, if the
 replacement costs are considered unacceptably high. For this reason, we
 urgently recommend that you archive all still needed HLRB-II data which
 reside on the $OPT_TMP or $PROJECT file systems to TSM tape storage as
 soon as possible.
 A procedure for migrating your scratch and project data from HLRB-II to
 the new system is described in the backup and archiving document for
 the HPC systems; please look at the scenarios 2 and 3 for details on
 how to perform the data migration. The $HOME file system will access
 the same NAS space on both systems, hence you do not need to migrate
 any data from there yourself.

 This information is also available on our web server

 Reinhold Bader

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