Vortrag: Map Generation  From the sensor to imagery

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Dr. Bernhard Reitinger
 Montag, 19.03.2012, 14:00-15:30
 LRZ, Boltzmannstrasse 1, 85748 Garching, Hoersaal (H.E.009)
 Maps are ubiquitous in our daily lives ranging from navigation and
 routing to trip planning and virtual tours in the internet. Although
 navigation maps is common nowadays,the generation requires lots of
 world class research efforts.
 This talk will give a tour from the very beginning of the processing
 chain   the digital aerial camera   to the very end   the map product
 known as Bing Maps. Different to consumer cameras, the developed aerial
 sensor captures images with a resolution of 260 MPix per shot every 2
 seconds. Algorithms have been developed by our research team which
 provide an interactive visualization of large amount of image data as
 well as efficient parallel processing to the final product.
 Techniques known from Microsoft s PhotoSynth product, but also world
 class dense matching and ortho generation methods are part of the
 presented pipeline.
 Bernhard Reitinger received his master s degree from the Johannes
 Kepler University in Linz. In 2005, he finished his PhD at the
 Technical University in Graz where he was focused on medical
 visualization within virtual reality environments. After he was working
 as a post-doc researcher in Graz in the context of augmented reality
 and computer vision, he was hired by Microsoft in 2007 to lead a
 research and development team focusing on computer vision and
 visualization of digital aerial cameras.

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