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Acceptance of Proposals for SuperMUC
 We have already informed you about the opportunity to file "Large Scale
 Projects" via the Seventh Gauss Call (see
 Large Scale Projects require more than 40 million core-hours per year.
 Starting on March 1st, we will now also accept normal scale projects.
 Please submit your application for compute time by using the online
 Access to the new 3 Petaflop/s system SuperMUC is expected to be opened
 in July or August, 2012.
 Conversion of existing budgets
 The HLRB Steering Committee has decided to scale up the remaining
 compute time with a factor of 3. This will be done in early March.
 A combined HW and SW maintenance is scheduled for March 5 and 6, 2012.
 Planned work:
   * New Kernel
   * OFED upgrade
   * File system parameter
   * Intel compiler update
 No access to SuperMIG is possible during this period.
 Bavarian universities can apply for financial support by KONWIHR
 (Competence Network for Technical, Scientific High Performance
 Computing in Bavaria).
 For details see:
 Deadlines: 1 March 2012; 1 Nov 2012
 PRACE Calls
 We also want to draw your attention to the PRACE Calls for access to
 Tier-0 systems in Europe (including SuperMUC). The PRACE (Partnership
 for Advanced Computing in Europe) Research Infrastructure allows
 researchers from across Europe to apply for time on high-end
 high-performance computers via a peer review process. Preparatory
 access allows researchers to apply for code scalability testing and
 also support for code development and optimisation from PRACE RI
 members software experts. Preparatory access allows researchers to
 optimise their codes before responding to project calls. There are 3
 types of preparatory access:
   * Code scalability testing to obtain scalability data which can be
     used as supporting information when responding to future PRACE
     project calls.
   * Code development and optimisation by the applicant using their own
     personne resources (i.e. without PRACE support).
   * Code development with support from experts from PRACE.
 Deadlines: 1 March 2012; 1 June 2012
 For details see:

 This information is also available on our web server

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