Gauss Call No.7 for Large Scale Project

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Di Jan 31 17:43:47 CET 2012

It is the mission of the Gauss Centre for Supercomputing (GCS) to offer
 computing power of the highest performance class for computational
 sciences and engineering at its three member sites in Garching (Leibniz
 Supercomputing Centre, LRZ), Juelich (Juelich Supercomputing
 Centre,JSC), and Stuttgart (High Performance Computing Center
 Stuttgart, HLRS).
 For the first time users can apply for computing time on the new 3
 PetaFlop/s system of LRZ, SuperMUC, which will start operation in this
 summer. The current call is for large scale projects, only. Projects
 are classified as  Large-Scale  if they require more than 5% of the
 potentially available core cycles of one year on a member centre s
 high-end system i.e.,
     more than 40 Mill. core-hours at LRZ (SuperMUC, starting August
     more than 40 Mill. core-hours at HLRS (HERMIT Step 1),
     more than 70 Mill. core-hours at JSC (corresponding to 24 rack
     months IBM BG/P).
 We ask all users with really challenging projects and huge demands on
 compute time to answer this call.
 For details of the call see:
 For smaller scale projects and test accounts at LRZ you still need to
 wait a bit; LRZ will accept applications only after the current Gauss
 call has expired
 The deadline for current Gauss calll is: February 29, 2012.

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