Talk 'Reproducing the face to face meeting in Telepresence'

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Prof. David Roberts
 Professor of Telepresence | Head of Centre for Virtual Environments and
 Future Media University of Salford
 Reproducing the face to face meeting in Telepresence
 Location: Leibniz Supercomputer Centre
 85748 Garching, Boltzmannstr. 1
 Room H.E.009
 Date: June 21st, 2012, 16:00 - 17:30
 A grand challenge shared between computer science and communication
 technology is reproducing the face-to-face meeting across a distance.
 At present, we are some way from reproducing many of the semantics of a
 face-to-face meeting. Furthermore, while we can reproduce some in
 certain mediums and others in others, we are currently unable to
 reproduce most in any. For example while some mediums can show us what
 someone really looks like and others what or who they are really
 looking at, communicating both together has not yet been achieved to
 any reasonable quality across a reasonable distance. This talk explains
 some of the primary challenges, comparing our approaches to  
 telepresent  video conferencing, immersive virtual environments, and 3D
 video based tele-immersion.
 Professor David Roberts  primary research interest is in creative group
 work encouraged or supported by immersive mediums. Towards this he
 leads both the development of new technologies and studies of their
 use. Through a framework of social human communication that includes
 verbal and non-verbal communication and the role of objects and
 environment, he studies how people interact around simulated artefacts
 in environments enriched or joined through technology. Most of his work
 has focused on telepresence, and his current focus is on combining VR
 and computer vision to enhance the naturalness of telecollaboration
 through free view immersive 3D video.

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