The Origins of the Computer - Talk by Prof Dr Horst Zuse

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Origins of the Computer - Talk by Prof Dr Horst Zuse
 Many outstanding scientists and managers were necessary to get the
 computer to the point of development that we know today. Konrad Zuse
 (1910-1995) is almost unanimously accepted as the inventor of the first
 working, freely programmable machine using Boolean logic and with
 binary floating point numbers. He finished this Machine - called Z3 -
 in May 1941 in his small workshop in Berlin-Kreuzberg.
 This presentation will describe the achievements of Charles Babbage,
 the development of the secret COLOSSUS-Project, Howard Aiken s Mark I
 and the ENIAC.
 Konrad Zuse s contributions to computer development are presented as
 well, with many intriguing pictures and videos. It is not well known
 that Konrad Zuse founded, in 1949, a computer company that produced 251
 computers of a value of 51 million euros. It was the first company to
 produce computers in a commercial way.
 Horst Zuse was born in Hindelang (Bavaria in Germany) and received a
 PhD in computer science from the Technische Universitaet (TUB) of
 Berlin in 1985. He has been a senior research scientist at TUB since
 1975. His research interests are information retrieval systems,
 software engineering, software metrics, computer history and computer
 He has published several books including  Software Complexity -
 Measures and Methods  and  A Framework for Software Measurement  (De
 Gruyter Publisher). Zuse has received his  habilitation  in 1998 and is
 a Professor with the University of Applied Sciences in Senftenberg
 since 2006.
 Place: Leibniz Supercomputing Centre (LRZ)
 Starting date: 30-Mar-2012 09:00 (CET)
 Duration: 45 min.
 (This talk is part of the EGI Community Forum 2012.)

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