SuperMUC interruption of operation Nov. 19  28

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Fr Nov 9 15:19:39 CET 2012

Dear users of the SuperMUC petaflop system at LRZ,
 It has turned out that the electrical infrastructure that powers the
 system contains defective parts that need to be replaced.
 Unfortunately, this implies that electrical power must be shut off
 completely for a few days.
 Furthermore, LRZ needs to fulfill contractual obligations which involve
 measuring the energy consumption of specially chosen benchmarks on the
 complete system. These runs also need a few days of uninterrupted usage
 of the complete system.
 Therefore, the system will be unavailable for regular user operation
 between Sunday November 18, approximately at 12:00 and November 28. If
 any further delays occur due to unforeseen side effects of the
 electrical works, we will keep you updated via this document.

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 Reinhold Bader

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