Linux Cluster: Serial Segment not yet available

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Di Okt 16 08:51:59 CEST 2012

Dear users of the Linux Cluster systems at LRZ,
 unfortunately the serial part of the cluster is not yet available for
 user operation; the OS upgrade procedure has run into unforeseen
 problems. We hope to be online again within this week.
 Please note that
   * the login nodes have new names lxlogin1, lxlogin2, lxlogin3. The
     old names (lx64ia2, lx64ia3) will continue to be available, however
     the "" in the fully qualified host names must be
     replaced by ""
   * SGE will not be available any more for job processing; it has been
     replaced by the SLURM scheduler. Please consult the SLURM
     documentation at
     batch_serial/ for information on the required changes to your
   * It may be necessary to recompile binary executables because the new
     operating environment has a newer and potentially incompatible C
     library "glibc".

 Diese Information finden Sie im WWW unter

 Reinhold Bader

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