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Fr Okt 19 09:00:46 CEST 2012

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Updated Oct 18, 18:10
 Dear users of the Linux Cluster systems at LRZ,
 The serial segment of the Linux Cluster is partially available for user
 operation. Some systems are still offline and are being worked on, but
 submission and processing of jobs should work again. Apologies for the
 Also, the login node lxlogin3.lrz.de (==lx64ia3.lrz.de) is not yet
 available (but the others are, see below).
 Please note that
   * the login nodes have new names lxlogin1, lxlogin2, lxlogin3. The
     old names (lx64ia2, lx64ia3) will continue to be available, however
     the "lrz-muenchen.de" in the fully qualified host names must be
     replaced by "lrz.de". Please also note that the ssh keys of the
     login nodes have changed; updated keys are available via http://
   * SGE is not available any more for job processing; it has been
     replaced by the SLURM scheduler. Please consult the SLURM
     documentation at http://www.lrz.de/services/compute/linux-cluster/
     batch_serial/ for information on the required changes to your
   * It may be necessary to recompile binary executables because the new
     operating environment has a newer and potentially incompatible C
     library "glibc".

 Diese Information finden Sie im WWW unter

 Reinhold Bader

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