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LoadLeveler Submit Filter
 We will introduce a filter that checks your LoadLeveler script during
 submission and tries to resolve issues with misconfigured jobs (e.g.,
 specifying more than 32 tasks_per_core on SuperMUC, non-existing job
 classes, wrong time limits etc.) Please inform us if you run into
 trouble with this filter.
 Budgeting will start
 Beginning with Nov 1st, we will start booking consumed computing time
 off your budget.
 Energy Tags
 Using the energy functions of LoadLeveler, a job can run with a lower
 CPU frequency to save energy. You can set an acceptable performance
 degradation (max_perf_decrease_allowed) or required energy saving
 (energy_saving_req) for the job in the job command file. LoadLeveler
 will choose a suitable CPU frequency for the job or reject its
 submission based on the specified value.
 The energy_policy_tag helps LoadLeveler identify the energy data
 associated with a job. With the energy data, LoadLeveler can decide
 which frequency should be used to run the job with minimal performance
 degradation. For details see:
 Software Upgrade
 Between October 29, 8:00 and October 30, 18:00 the system will be
 unavailable for user operation. For Details see:
 TSM support
 We hope to provide the TSM backup and archive functionality on SuperMUC
 soon after the maintenance. This will be announced by a separate
 Support Service
 Nov 1st is a public holiday in Bavaria, therefore no application
 support personell is available on that day.

 This information is also available on our web server

 Matthias Brehm

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