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The Excellence Cluster Universe is a large-scale collaboration of
 nuclear and particle physicists, astrophysicists, cosmologists and
 astronomers that is focusing on the task of understanding the
 development of the universe throughout different epochs of its
 evolution. For this purpose it intends to deploy a HPC system "C2PAP"
 that will be housed at LRZ.
 We offer you the opportunity to work with world-leading computer
 systems, applications and tools in many different research areas,
 particularly in those active within the Excellence Cluster Universe.
 For the administration of the above-mentioned HPC system that is very
 similar in architecture to SuperMUC, LRZ is looking for a
 System Administrator Universe Cluster
 Applications will be accepted until January 31, 2013. The position is
 available beginning April 1, 2013.
 For more information, please see

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