Linux Cluster: Maintenance and Configuration Changes Jan 28 - Feb 1

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Mi Jan 16 09:59:31 CET 2013

Maintenance windows
 Due to an extended hard- and software maintenance, the MPP, MAC and
 8-way Myrinet clusters will be unavailable for user operation between 
 Jan 28, 8:00 am and Feb 1. This includes the login nodes lxlogin1-2.
 All other cluster segments (serial cluster including all hosted
 systems, sgi ICE and UV systems, 32 way Myrinet systems) will be
 unavailable between Jan 31, 8:00 am and Feb 1.
 Configuration changes
   * The default MPI environment will be changed from Parastation MPI to
     Intel MPI. However, the mpi.parastation module will remain
     available for legacy use until the end of 2013.
   * The 8-way Myrinet Cluster will be retired from parallel processing,
     and the nodes will be added to the serial processing pool. This
     implies that the partition "myri_std" in the SLURM cell "myri" will
     become unavailable.
   * New storage systems will be introduced for the WORK (==PROJECT) and
     SCRATCH file systems. Please note that LRZ will only migrate WORK
     data to the new file system; data in SCRATCH will not be migrated.
     However the old SCRATCH file system will remain available as a
     separate mount in read-only mode on the login nodes until the end
     of March, 2013. Migration of data can then be done via commands
     cp -a my_scratch_subdirectory $SCRATCH
     The environment variable $SCRATCH_LEGACY will remain defined and
     point to the legacy scratch area until end of March, 2013.
 Further configuration changes may occur and will be added to the above
 list if they are applied.

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 Reinhold Bader

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