Upd:Linux Cluster: UV Maintenance prolonged

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Mi Jan 16 18:41:53 CET 2013

 Changes to this message: prolonged UV maintenance
Status update Jan 16 18:00 The ICE has been returned to user operation;
 however the UVs are still having problems, so are not yet available.
 We'll keep you up-to-date about the UV status via this document.
 Dear users of the Linux-Cluster systems at LRZ,
 due to a necessary operating system update the ICE and UV systems will
 be unavailable for user operation for a few days. The maintenance
 starts on Monday, Jan 14 at 8:00. We expect the systems to be returned
 to user operation during the afternoon of Jan 16.
 Further changes that apply post-maintenance will be announced via this

 This information is also available on our web server

 Reinhold Bader

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