Course Introduction to OpenFOAM: Nov 4-7, 2013

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    Date:     November 4-7, 2013 9:00-18:00                            
   Location:   LRZ Building, Garching/Munich, Boltzmannstr. 1           
               This four-day course gives an introduction into the open 
               source CFD toolbox OpenFOAM. It is intended for new users
               who want to learn the basic concepts of its usage and    
               want to know how to modify existing applications or add  
               new functionalities.                                     
               Among others the course covers the topics                
                 * Introduction to working with Linux                   
                   Users who are already proficient in Linux may join   
   Contents:       the course at lunch time at the first day            
                 * OpenFOAM file structure and case setup               
                 * Setting up and running simulations                   
                 * Evaluating and visualizing results                   
                 * Selection of numerical methods                       
                 * Creating and converting meshes                       
                 * Computing in parallel and acceleration on GPUs       
                 * Implementation of new features                       
                 * Advanced topics in OpenFOAM                          
               Each day will be comprised of approximately 4 hours of   
               lectures and 3 hours of hands-on sessions.               
               General knowledge of CFD (finite volume method,          
 Prerequisites discretization schemes etc.) is recommended. Programming 
               skills in C++ are beneficial, but not essential for      
               partaking in this course.                                
   Language:   English                                                  
   Teachers:   Bjoern Fabritius (FluiDyna GmbH)                         
               Academic users: a fee of 40 including the course         
               material, a bootable USB stick with pre-installed Linux  
               and OpenFOAM as well as catering for lunch and coffee    
               breaks; to be paid during the course.                    
               Academic users register via the LRZ registration form    
               (Please choose course HIOF1W13)                          
               Users from industry and non-academic users must contact  
               FluiDyna GmbH                                            
               (christoph.niedermeier at for registration and 
               payment details.                                         
               Number of seats for academic users is limited to 16.     

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