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Unfortunately, there was a typing error in the date of the lecture. It
 will be on
   * Friday, June 7th, 2013
   * 11 h c.t.
   * LRZ lecture hall
 CIMA Research Foundation is a private non-profit research organization.
 It s committed to promote the scientific research, technological
 development and higher education in engineering and environmental
 sciences in order to improve civil protection, public health and
 preservation of aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems.
 CIMA's founding Institutions are the National Civil Protection
 Department of Italy, the University of Genoa, and local Authorities.
 The mission Foundation has got from the founders is to observe the
 Earth relevant processes, to predict the scenarios generated by them,
 using science in the service of the protection of citizens and of the
 The speech will address first the research needs and the innovative
 tools of a modern Civil Protection Agency, in the field of
 meteorological and hydrological hazards, in order to efficiently
 predict dangerous events. The implications of the climate change on
 predicting climatic extremes will be discussed: exchanging the space
 dimension with the time dimension in observing and modeling is the main
 reason of the DRIHM project and of the EXPRESS-HYDRO project. The
 advanced modeling of the weather impacts, as well as the brain
 observation and its dynamic modeling, are the two modern science fields
 in which field experts are more in need of the support from ICT
 Prof. Franco Siccardi is current President of CIMA Research Foundation
   * Past Professor of Civil Engineering at the University of Genoa
     Expert in methods for reducing the effects of natural hazards -
     especially flooding - through weather forecasting, observing
     networks and satellite sensors.
   * Sergey Soloviev Medal of the European Geophysical Society of the
     year 2000 for the outstanding scientific contributions in the area
     of understanding and mitigation of natural hazards impact. From
     1995 to 2001 and from 2006 to present appointed by the Office of
     the Prime Minister of Italy as member of the National Committee for
     Extreme Risks.
   * Presently coordinator of hydrometeo risk section of the committee.
     Since 1986 to 2005 leader of the research area on  Strategies for
     the Mitigation of Natural Hazards Effects  of the Italian Research
     Group for the Prevention of Hydrogeological Hazards.
   * From 2004 to 2011 principal investigator of the Opera Project, the
     Italian Space Agency research and demonstration program for the use
     of EO data in risk assessment and flood predictions. Since 2011
     member of the OCSE expert group on the Global Risk Modeling
     initiative. Up to 2007 Chairman of Business Consortium COS (OT)
     Technology for the Earth Observation from Space. Since 2007
     President of the Research Foundation Centre for Environmental
     Modeling (CIMA).

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