GPU-Cluster is available for user operation at LRZ

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Mi Jun 12 12:26:08 CEST 2013

A GPU-cluster with 4 nodes and 8 Tesla Fermi 2070 GPU is available for
 user operation at LRZ, each node
 is equipped with Intel Xeon based 8-way (L5630) and 2 Tesla Fermi 2070.
 Note: Interactive jobs are not supported on this system. The resource
 manager SLURM
 is used to allocate a free GPUs or CPUs for your job.
 First log in to the LRZ linux-Cluster : login and Security
 Once you've logged into the LRZ Cluster, you should be able to access
 the node: lxlogin_gpu via:
 ssh lxlogin_gpu
 Here's an example jobscript to submit to GPU-cluster using 2 GPUs:
 #SBATCH --clusters=gpgpu
 #SBATCH --nodelist=lxgp1 #or lxgp2..4
 #SBATCH --gres=gpu:2
 #SBATCH --ntasks=2
 #SBATCH -e sample_script_err.log
 #SBATCH -o sample_script_out.log
 #SBATCH --job-name=jobname
 #SBATCH --get-user-env
 #SBATCH --export=NONE
 #SBATCH --time=08:00:00
 source /etc/profile.d/
 cd mydir
 Next, submit the job using the sbatch command.
 To see your job running type.
 squeue --clusters=gpgpu -u your-userID
 Use the scontrol command to get detailed information about the job.
 scontrol show job job-ID
 If you have any problems on the GPU-Cluster, please contact HPC support

 This information is also available on our web server

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