Call for proposals: SuperMUC Extreme Scaling Workshop

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Call for Proposals:
 SuperMUC Extreme Scaling Workshop
 Leibniz Rechenzentrum Garching
 July 9-11, 2013
 Deadline for proposal submission: June 1st, 2013
 In July 2013 LRZ is going to organize a three day workshop on extreme
 code scaling. The goal of this workshop is to enable scaling of user
 implemented software on SuperMUC, the 3 PetaFLOP/s machine at LRZ.
 Users can submit their own software as candidates for the workshop, and
 extreme scaling experts from IBM, Intel and LRZ will be working
 together with the users to run the software on up to 130,000 cores of
 SuperMUC, trying to break the magic limit of one Petaflop/s application
 performance. From the applicants, the most promising software packages
 will be selected.
 The main requirement to participate is: Your code already scales up to
 4,000 Cores!
 Users with already existing LRZ or PRACE accounts should use their user
 account to generate the necessary scaling plots up to 4,000 cores. New
 users should contact Ferdinand Jamitzky (Jamitzky at for more
 information on how to obtain a test account.
 Additionally to the scaling plot, please send us the following
 Contact Data: Name, Affiliation, e-mail, phone
 Name of Software and short description including scientific motivation
 Assurance that the code already scales up to 4000 cores (scaling plot,
 can also be from runs on a machine other than SuperMUC).
 Time needed for a single test run (< 0.5 h)
 Memory usage per core (< 1.6 GB)
 Hard disk data usage (< 1 TB)
 Other code requirements (libraries, I/O, compiler versions, etc)
 After submitting a proposal, the participants will obtain a test
 account with a total time budget of 50,000 cpu-hours for scaling tests
 and have to show that their code scales up to 4 islands on SuperMUC (1
 Island consists of 8192 Intel Xeon Sandy Bridge cores). They have to
 present a scaling plot that shows the scaling of the computing time
 versus number of cores to up to 32000 cores.
 From the results the participants show during the test runs, 16
 projects will be selected for additional runs on the whole available
 system during the workshop. The selected candidates will also have the
 opportunity to present their results during a Mini-Symposium at the
 ParCo2013 Conference in September in Garching.
 At the same time the
 PRACE PATC Course: Introduction to SuperMUC- the new Petaflop
 Supercomputer at LRZ
 takes place at LRZ and you are welcome to register for both.
 Important Dates:
 Proposal submission deadline: June 1, 2013
 Machine Access for preparations of scaling plot: latest June 5, 2013
 Test accounts will be given immediately after submission of the project
 Scaling Plots for up to 32,000 cores: July 1, 2013
 Workshop: July 9-11, 2013

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