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Do Mai 16 14:12:04 CEST 2013

 Changes to this message: end of interrruption
Dear users of the Linux Cluster,
 we are currently experiencing network connectivity problems on the MPP1
 segment of the Linux Cluster. This also affects the Linux Cluster login
 nodes lxlogin1 and lxlogin2.
 We will try to resume operation as soon as possible and we will keep
 you informed via this announcement.
 Update (2013-05-13, 19:30 CEST): Investigations to isolate the root
 cause of the problem are still ongoing.
 Update (2013-05-16, 14:00 CEST):
 The MPP1 segment of the Linux cluster is back in normal user operation.
 The login nodes lxlogin[1,2] are available.
 The reason have been two missing links in the sixfold network
 connection from the MPP1 cluster to the central cluster switch.
 We apologize for any inconvenience caused hereby.

 This information is also available on our web server

 Axel Auweter

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