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Mo Nov 11 11:15:57 CET 2013

Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,
 hiermit moechten wir Sie zu folgendem Vortrag am 14.11.2013 im Hoersaal
 des LRZ einladen:
 Titel: Architecture Simulation for HPC Developers Referent: Josef
 Weidendorfer Beginn: 14.11.2013 15:15 Uhr Dauer: 45 min Inhalt:
 Simulation of models for computer system (or components thereof)
 traditionally is used in the design and evaluation of new hardware
 configurations and enhancements. However, architecture simulation also
 can be used for performance analysis and verification of effects of
 code modifications. While it can not replace measurement on real
 hardware, it complements conventional measurement methods with
 attractive benefits such as reproducability, non-existing measurement
 overhead, and advanced performance metrics. In this talk, simulation of
 the memory hierarchy will be shown to be a good candidate for
 architecture simulation that can help developers to identify
 performance bottlenecks, ways to reduce them, and check the effect of
 modifications. Starting from simple cache simulation providing hit/miss
 counts (as available with Cachegrind/Callgrind on SuperMUC), we show
 more detailed analysis methods (e.g. on memory access locality,
 bandwidth requirements) which can be done by starting your program
 binary under supervision of a simulator tool.
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