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The success of PRACE in providing unprecedented allocations of
 resources for computational science projects of the highest scientific
 quality has identified challenges in the storage, analysis,
 visualization and transfer of data connected to large-scale
 simulations. In order to provide the best possible services to the
 scientific community and ensure the largest possible impact of these
 large-scale simulations, the PRACE Scientific Steering Committee (SSC)
 and the Board of Directors (BoD) of PRACE would like to get a better
 understanding of the challenges related to big data in connection with
 large scale simulations.
 The SSC invites Expressions of Interest for data services connected to
 large-scale computational projects, in order to better understand the
 level of demand, the scientific justification for such data services
 and the best way to structure these data services. The focus of the EoI
 is solely on data services that need to be tightly coupled to a PRACE
 computing system.
 Expressions of Interest should be submitted to eoi-bigdata at
 before 15 November 2013. The submissions should not exceed two pages
 (11pt Times New Roman, 1.5 cm margins) and should address the following
  1. The scientific justification and why the handling of data must be
     closely integrated with the PRACE computing services.
  2. Expected amount of data and time-frame for which the data must be
     accessible (both real-time and archived) at the PRACE computing
     resource, and expected computing resources needed for the analysis.
  3. How the data will be managed and used.
  4. Whether the data should/should not be open to the wider scientific
     community and how scientific access and accessibility/usability
     will be handled.
  5. The transfer of data to/from the PRACE resource.
 Please note that submission of an Expression of Interest carries no
 implication regarding any allocation of resources or implementation of
 Kind regards
 Kenneth Ruud
 Chair of the PRACE Scientific Steering Committee (SSC)

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 Matthias Brehm

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