SuperMUC and Cluster HPC systems: Updates of development software

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Mo Sep 23 09:51:01 CEST 2013

Dear users of the SuperMUC Petaflop system and the HPC Clusters at LRZ,
 the presently used default versions of the Intel development software
 stack (compilers, tools, libraries and Intel MPI) will be changed over
 to more recent releases on the afternoon of September 23, 2013. As a
 result, it may in some cases become necessary to either recompile your
 application under the new environment, or to manually switch (via the  
 module  command) over to the previously used software releases which
 will remain available for some time.
 Furthermore, a number of obsolete software packages or versions will be
 removed, and the default versions of some packages will be updated to
 more recent releases.
 If you have difficulties using the new releases, please inform us as
 soon as possible via the service desk.
 The following table indicates the most relevant provided fallback
   Updated module version    Fallback version 
 fortran/intel/13.1         fortran/intel/12.1
 ccomp/intel/13.1           ccomp/intel/12.1 (uses 4.1.1)   

 This information is also available on our web server

 Reinhold Bader

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