2nd LRZ AstroLab ADVanced hIgh-level SuppORt call (ADVISOR 2016)

Karmakar, Anupam Anupam.Karmakar at lrz.de
Di Jun 7 11:03:16 CEST 2016

LRZ, one of the European Tier-0 supercomputing centres, hosts the Top500 HPC systems SuperMUC Phase 1 and Phase 2. Our HPC system SuperMUC with a combined peak performance 6.8 PFlops/s has been in successful operation for a few years now and will be replaced by a follow up system with the newest generation of hardware in the coming years. It is always a major challenge to fully exploit such huge computational resources. Our engagement to help the computational science communities with substantial high-level technical efforts to leverage such massively parallel resources is inevitable.

To strengthen this engagement LRZ has recently taken an initiative to focus on domain specific community-oriented support and research infrastructure. These entities, known as “Application Labs”, will play a leading role in supporting the scientific communities to bring the most out of their applications exploiting the LRZ HPC facilities. Astrophysics being a major computation dominated scientific research area, LRZ has established the “AstroLab” as a dedicated team to provide advanced high-level support for efficient HPC in utilisation, scalable parallel algorithm design and cooperation to the Astro and Plasma communities.

More info about AstroLab at: www.lrz.de/services/compute/labs/astrolab/<http://www.lrz.de/services/compute/labs/astrolab/>  .

The AstroLab invites current and potential SuperMUC users to apply for its high-level support in optimising and tuning their applications/codes for the current and upcoming HPC systems at LRZ. This call is restricted to the Astro and Plasma physics groups affiliated to German academic and research institutions (other users: please consider the similar PRACE Preparatory Access Type C calls).  The proposed support call projects may request 1 person-month of AstroLab resources and are envisioned to take the form of a long-term computational collaboration with LRZ, ideally leading to joint publications or follow-up projects with external funding resources. The possible work areas for this call is listed in the application form.

The applicants are invited to fill out the template available in http://www.lrz.de/services/compute/labs/astrolab/supportcall/  describing their motivation, type of support requirement, detailed working plan and expected outcomes, and send to astrolab_AT_lists.lrz.de<mailto:astrolab at lists.lrz.de>. For any queries please also feel free to contact us beforehand.

The application deadline for this call is 31st July 2016. The applications will be refereed internally and the selected projects will be contacted afterwards to start the work.
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