Job Offer: IT Specialists for Environmental Computing

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Do Aug 10 17:14:23 CEST 2017

Job Offer: IT Specialists for Environmental Computing

We are currently looking for several

IT Specialists for Environmental Computing

to participate in some of the following tasks:

  *   Software coupling and data exchange management for hydrological and hydrodynamic models,
  *   Big Data analysis and visualization for environmental scientists and science communication,
  *   Life cycle management of environmental data across various domains,
  *   Assessment, performance optimization and load balancing for environmental simulation tools,
  *   Investigation of existing water management workflows and development of an innovative demonstrator framework for future water management tasks,
  *   Implementation and operation of on-demand computing services for environmental science.


  *   A master's degree or equivalent or a doctoral degree with good or very good grades, ideally in computer science, mathematics, natural sciences, or engineering,
  *   Practical experience with several of the following:
     *   High performance computing and HPC software engineering,
     *   Algorithm development, parallel programming and scripting,
     *   Operational IT service management,
     *   Research data management, i.e. data storage, processing, annotation, curation,
     *   Big data analysis and visualization technologies

For further information, please visit our Job Offer.<>

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