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Dear users of LRZ,

We are happy to announce that LRZ will host a new 3-days PRACE workshop completely devoted to OpenMP programming in February 2020.

Date: Tuesday, February 11, 2020, 09:00 - Thursday, February 13, 2020, 16:30

Location: LRZ Building, Garching near Munich, Boltzmannstr. 1, Germany


Registration Deadline: 31 January 2020


Since its advent in 1997, the OpenMP programming model has proved to be a key driver behind parallel programming for shared-memory architectures.  Its powerful and flexible programming model has allowed researchers from various domains to enable parallelism in their applications.  Over the more than two decades of its existence, OpenMP has tracked the evolution of hardware and the complexities of software to ensure that it stays as relevant to today's high performance computing community as it was in 1997. Since 2019, LRZ is a member in the OpenMP Architecture Review Board (ARB).

This workshop will cover a wide range of  topics, reaching from the basics of OpenMP programming using the "OpenMP Common Core" to really advanced topics. During each day lectures will be mixed with hands-on sessions on the LRZ system IvyMUC.

The first day will cover basic parallel programming with OpenMP. We will present a unique, productivity-oriented approach by introducing its usage based on common motifs in scientific code, and how each one will be parallelized. This will enable attendees to focus on the parallelization of components and how components combine in real applications.

Attendees will use active learning through a carefully selected set of exercises, building knowledge on parallelization of key motifs (e.g. matrix multiplication, map reduce) that are valid across multiple scientific codes in everything from CFD to Molecular Simulation.

Day 2 and 3 will cover advanced topics like:

*         Mastering Tasking with OpenMP: Taskloops, Dependencies and Cancellation

*         Host Performance: SIMD / Vectorization

*         Host Performance: NUMA Aware Programming: Memory Access, Task Affinity, Memory Management

*         Tool Support for Performance and Correctness: VI-HPS Tools

*         Offloading to Accelerators

*         Other Advanced Features of OpenMP 5.0

*         Future Roadmap of OpenMP

The lectures will be given by the following leading OpenMP experts:

*         Dr. Manuel Arenaz, CEO at Appentra Solutions and professor of computer science at the University of A Coruña (Spain)

*         Dr.  Michael Klemm, Principal Engineer in the Compute Ecosystem Engineering organization of the Intel Architecture, Graphics, and Software group at Intel and CEO of the OpenMP Architecture Review Board (ARB)

*         Dr. Christian Terboven, leader of the HPC group at RWTH Aachen University and co-author of the new book "Using OpenMP - The Next Step",

The workshop is organized as a training event for the Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe (PRACE) by LRZ in collaboration with Appentra Solutions, Intel and RWTH Aachen.

Further details can be found under

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Kind regards,

Volker Weinberg

Dr. Volker Weinberg
HPC Training and Education Coordinator
Leibniz Supercomputing Centre of the Bavarian Academy of Sciences and Humanities

email:   weinberg at<mailto:weinberg at>
address: Boltzmannstr. 1 - D-85748 Garching bei Muenchen
room:    E.1.016
phone:   +49 (89) 35831-8863

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