40th VI-HPS Tuning Workshop @ LRZ

Weinberg, Volker Volker.Weinberg at lrz.de
Do Mai 27 17:48:40 CEST 2021

Dear HPC users of LRZ,

As member of VI-HPS, the Virtual Institute - High Productivity Supercomputing, LRZ is happy to host the 40th VI-HPS Tuning Workshop on 14 - 18 June 2021, 09:00 - 18:00 CEST.

12 experts will assist you to optimise your code using the tools in the VI-HPS programming tools suite.

Please register for free via  https://events.prace-ri.eu/event/1207/.

The online workshop organised by VI-HPS and LRZ as a PRACE training event will: 

- give an overview of the VI-HPS programming tools suite, 
- explain the functionality of individual tools, and how to use them effectively, 
- offer hands-on experience and expert assistance using the tools.

On completion you will be familiar with common performance analysis and diagnosis techniques and how they can be employed in practice (on a range of HPC systems). Those who prepared their own application test cases will have been coached in the tuning of their measurement and analysis, and provided optimisation suggestions. 

Presentations and hands-on sessions are planned on the following topics: 

- Setting up, welcome and introduction
- mpiP lightweight MPI profiling
- TAU performance system
- MAQAO performance analysis & optimisation
- Score-P instrumentation and measurement
- Scalasca automated trace analysis
- Paraver/Extrae/Dimemas trace analysis and performance prediction
- Extra-P automated performance modeling
- [k]cachegrind cache utilisation analysis
    ... and potentially others to be added

The workshop will be held in English and run from 09:00 to not later than 18:00 each day, with breaks. 
Participants are encouraged to prepare their own MPI, OpenMP and hybrid MPI+OpenMP parallel application codes for analysis. 

Other upcoming courses and events by LRZ:

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Information on further courses:

- by LRZ: http://www.lrz.de/services/compute/courses/
- by the Gauss Centre of Supercomputing (GCS): http://www.gauss-centre.eu/training
- by German Centres (collected by the Gauß-Allianz): https://hpc-calendar.gauss-allianz.de/
- by the Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe (PRACE): http://www.training.prace-ri.eu/

We are looking forward to meeting you online!

Kind regards,
Volker Weinberg

Dr. Volker Weinberg
Head of Education and Training
Leibniz Supercomputing Centre of the Bavarian Academy of Sciences and Humanities

email:   weinberg at lrz.de
address: Boltzmannstr. 1 - D-85748 Garching bei Muenchen
room:    E.1.016
phone:   +49 (89) 35831-8863

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