SuperMUC Training: Using the GPFS parallel file system

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Mi Dez 14 10:36:43 CET 2011

Dear users of the supzero migration system,
 When user operation of the Petaflop system "SuperMUC" starts in summer
 2012, a new and very powerful I/O subsystem will also become available.
 This will allow large-scale parallel I/O with an aggregate bandwidth of
 200 GB/s and be based on IBM's General Parallel File system (GPFS).
 Handling large-scale I/O is not a trivial task and requires some
 knowledge of the properties of GPFS and its tools and facilities for I/
 O tuning. In order to provide this knowledge, a one-day workshop will
 take place on January 30, 2012; participation in this event is highly
 recommended for all SuperMUC users who do large-scale I/O (either many
 small files, or any number of large files) with their simulation
 Further details are available at
 Registration for the event is required since only a limited number of
 seats is available.

 This information is also available on our web server

 Reinhold Bader

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