Linux Cluster: Ultraviolet systems available for provisional user operation

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Mi Dez 14 10:55:49 CET 2011

Dear users of the Linux cluster at LRZ,
 Two partitions of an sgi Ultraviolet system, each with 1040 Westmere-EX
 cores and 3.2 Gbyte of main memory per core, are now ready for
 provisional user operation. To use these systems, please
   * build your software on the ICE front end node (ice1-login) with
     OpenMP and/or SGI MPT, if applicable (please do not run programs
     built against Intel MPI, yet)
   * submit a SLURM job using --clusters=uv2 or --clusters=uv3
 At the present stage, certain performance problems, as well as
 stability problems resulting from an as yet incomplete SLURM
 integration may still occur; however we need to see the behaviour of
 the system under user load in order to make a decision on how to
 proceed with solving these problems. During the provisional operation
 phase, system reboots or temporary removal of a system from user
 operation may occur without prior notification.
 Please consult the batch section of the cluster documentation at a href
 =""> ,
 which has been updated to provide information on usage of the UV. Once
 the new system runs smoothly, the previously available uv1 (presently
 still operated under SGE) will be retired from user operation.

 This information is also available on our web server

 Reinhold Bader

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