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Mi Nov 6 09:39:24 CET 2013

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 Dear users of the SuperMUC petaflop system at LRZ,
 we have successfully finished the maintenance and the system is back to
 normal operation. Thanks for your patience.
 Since there are a lot of jobs in the queue in status 'user hold' and
 some of them for quite a long time we kindly ask you to review the
 status of your submitted jobs and release or delete such old user hold
 Dear users of the SuperMUC petaflop system at LRZ,
 due to a combined hard- and software maintenance both the thin and fat
 nodes of the system will be unavailable for user operation starting in
 the early morning of October 28. It may be necessary to stop batch
 scheduling already on the preceding Sunday afternoon.
 We expect the system to be available for user operation again in the
 afternoon of October 31. The following changes are noteworthy:
   * both LoadLeveler and IBM PE will be upgraded to more recent bug-fix
     releases. These changes should be transparent to users, i.e. no
     recompilation of software should be needed.
   * due to a recenty identified bug, there is a minor change in the way
     energy tags must be configured if you wish to run your job at a
     non-default frequency. The documentation at http://www.lrz.de/
     services/compute/supermuc/loadleveler/#energy has been accordingly
   * When you renew your password using the ID portal (https://
     idportal.lrz.de), you now have to confirm that your work and the
     results are compliant with the EU and German export and embargo

 This information is also available on our web server

 Reinhold Bader

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