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Mo Aug 3 17:08:46 CEST 2015

The Leibniz Supercomputing Centre (Leibniz-Rechenzentrum, LRZ) of the Bavarian Academy of Sciences and Humanities  provides high level IT services to the Bavarian universities and research institutions. The LRZ has been an active player in the area of high performance computing for more than 20 years and operates SuperMUC, one of Europe’s fastest supercomputers. This computing power is provided to universities and research institutions all over Europe.

In the area of Environmental Computing the LRZ in Garching near Munich is offering a position for a

                   *Scientist (university diploma, master’s degree or equivalent).*

The position is available immediately. Applications will be accepted until September 15th, 2015.
The LRZ wants to extend its IT support for scientists in the area of environmental sciences, studying climate change, air and water quality, sustainability of food and energy, environmental health, natural hazards, ecology, etc. In the scope of the πCS initiative (http://www.lrz.de/wir/newsletter/2013-11/#PartnerschaftsinitiativeComputationalSciencesamLRZinsLebengerufen) the LRZ supports researchers in these fields by participating in various collaborative projects, e.g., the "Virtual Alpine Observatory (VAO-II)", the "Virtual Earthquake and seismology Research Community in Europe e-science environment (VERCE)" project, or a project investigating "Climate change und hydrological extreme events – risks and perspectives for the water management in Bavaria (ClimEx)". In order to consolidate and intensify these activities, we are hiring a person who combines experience in IT-based research with a broad interest in environment-related topics.

You will be part of a young and motivated team of researchers and take responsibility for or will be involved in consulting and supporting LRZ clients in the area of environmental sciences. You will help our clients to enhance their scientific software in terms of quality, efficiency, usability, etc. and provide support for building international user and developer communities as well as conduct trainings and workshops in the scope of scientific software enhancement.

For more details, please see http://www.lrz.de/wir/stellen/2015-08_scientist-projects/.

Hannelore Apel

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