Job Openings: HPC-Cloud / Big Data workflows

Major, Martin Martin.Major at
Di Dez 11 13:44:45 CET 2018

In this environment, we are aiming to build an international infrastructure
for combining HPC, Cloud and Big Data services within simulation workflows.
Infrastructure components of LRZ and European project partners will be
linked to allow for an optimised data flow and the management of distributed
data stores. Pilot use cases on the platform will involve simulations of
weather, tsunamis, earthquakes and aeroplane components.

In this versatile and challenging context we are looking for a

Research Engineer <>  (m/f) for
HPC-Cloud / Big Data workflows

to participate in the following tasks:

*	planning and implementation of a unified data access platform
*	co-development with pilot users and support for their use cases
*	design/implementation of a REST API providing interfaces for 

*	data management
*	data staging on HPC/HPDA systems
*	task scheduling
*	accounting and billing

and a

Technical project lead <>
(m/f) for HPC-Cloud / Big Data workflows

to lead and coordinate LRZ's tasks in an international, interdisciplinary
research project:

*	Conceptual design and planning of a "Big Data" platform 

*	REST-API based Platform for scientific simulation and data analytics
workflows (data management, staging, orchestration, accounting/billing)
*	Unified data-access platform for data distributed over international

*	Interface between scientists and stakeholders from all over Europe
*	Collection of requirements and transformation into a roadmap
*	Representation of LRZ in an international, interdisciplinary
research project
*	Work package lead and coordination


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