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Job Opening: IT Specialists for Environmental Computing

Climate science, air and water quality, sustainability of food and energy, environmental health, natural hazards, ecology and biodiversity are among the most pressing issues for society in general. In close collaboration with environmental scientists and the Bavarian environmental authorities we currently build new and innovative IT services to

  *   investigate the effects of climate change,
  *   establish a water research network to support the implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals,
  *   incorporate citizen science techniques into studies on the effects of climate change,
  *   assess the potential for geothermal energy storage,
  *   provide innovative methods to support the sustainability of seismological HPC software,
  *   and enable fast and easy exchange of environmental data between scientists.

In this versatile and challenging context we are looking for

IT Specialists for Environmental Computing

to participate in one or more of the following areas:

1. Software Engineering and App design,

2. Data curation and preparation for visualization, or

3. IT infrastructure design and server management.

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